ARPHA Proceedings 3: 1013-1026, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e1013
Innovative Practices in Pedagogical Education” – a Career-Enhancing Course for Postgraduate Students
expand article infoAsya Bersirova, Fatimet Khakunova, Asiet Autleva, Nurbyi Khakunov
Open Access
Innovative practices within our system of education and their successful implementation depend on both collective and individual knowledge. This particular circumstance determines the necessity of the search for effective terms and conditions of the professional training of prospective educators aimed at engineering and implementing innovative educational practices, evaluation of the contents and techniques of professional knowledge and skills to ensure the implementation of the innovative teaching environment.Thus, this article sets to conceptualize the specifics of educational processes within the spectrum of postgrad studies with an agenda of training prospective teachers to tackle innovative practices when professionally employed and of singling out psychological and pedagogical terms and models thereof.Questionnaires were administered on students of teaching majors to determine the lack of intent to implement innovative practices within their professional environment based on the following: low level of theoretical knowledge of innovative practices within a given educational system; low level of creative activities and imaginative thinking, insufficient level of preparation of prospective educators towards engineering and implementation of the said practices.The initiated model of the preparation course motivates prospective educators to assess their chosen professional field with positivity, facilitates and enhances creative abilities, powers of reflection, provides both theoretical and practical knowledge basis necessary for their professional skillset employed at any given educational institution.
innovations, innovative vocational activity, psychological conditions, pedagogical conditions, readiness for innovative practices, pragmatic approach.