ARPHA Proceedings 3: 903-912, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0903
Application of CLIL Technology for the Bachelor’s Program “Pedagogics with Two Majors: Foreign Language (English) and Computer Science”
expand article infoRaisa P. Ivanova, Silviia S. Zarovniaeva
Open Access
The article describes the application of CLIL technology in the implementation of the bachelor’s program “Pedagogics with two majors: Foreign Language (English) and Computer Science” at the Mirny Polytechnic Institute (branch) of the M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University (MPI). The work discusses the methodological principles and peculiarities of the CLIL technology, the advantages of its implementation into the higher education system, also the major challenges that the university may encounter during its realization. The authors employ a combination of scientific and empirical methods, the central of them being the experimental one. The experiment was carried out in MPI and consisted of four stages: Prefeasibility study, Feasibility study, Implementation, Results analysis. The first stage included assessment of the human resources and technical facilities potential of the institute. The second stage concentrated on the study of the project’s viability and included the analysis of the financial risks and search for funding. The third stage was connected with the implementation of the program and presented steps undertaken for the opening of the program in the institute. As a result, the viability of the program was proved and the license was obtained, necessary equipment and literature was purchased. Teaching staff attended scientific conferences and seminars on CLIL and took training courses to upgrade their knowledge of English and IT. At the moment the institute has launched the trial program for part-time students with charge and now it is ready to enrol first students to the proposed program under the state financial support.
digitalization, pedagogics, CLIL technology, foreign language, computer science