ARPHA Proceedings 3: 865-874, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0865
The Creative Competence of Future Teachers in Information-Educational Environment of University
expand article infoDinar V. Ivanov, Valeriya A. Stepashkina, Victoriya V. Sadovaya
Open Access
The relevance of the presented paper is related to the problem of creative competence formation in Information-Educational Environment of university. The “modern” teacher's personality is formed in a period of rapidly changing information-technological conditions of professional reality in school. The goals of education are changing very quickly, and teacher preparation programs depend on demand for the modern educational era. Russian and foreign practice of Information-Educational Environment of university development shows the tendency to growing ability in teacher training in quickly solving non-standard tasks in teacher education. The components of IEE of university provides the result of linking between previously learned and new patterns of teaching and learning activities, thus, creative competence in teachers is readiness to see real-life problems and to solve them in classroom by means of IEE. This issue presents the necessity of practical approach of IEE methods and tools implementation in activation the progressive creative self-development in future teacher. Creative competence in future teachers involves working in new conditions. Consequently, the modern IEE resources give the best opportunities to the ability for flexibly adjustment to the requirements of the educational system.
creative competence, information-educational environment, teacher training, future teachers training, educational environment of university