ARPHA Proceedings 3: 807-818, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0807
Theoretical and Practical Issues of Education as Part of a Digitalization Process
expand article infoGasangusein I. Ibragimov, Aliya A. Kalimullina
Open Access
The topic is relevant due to the existing contradiction between the widespread implementation of digital technologies into the educational process at all levels and stages, on the one hand, and the insufficient consideration of subsequent risks for educators and students, on the other hand. This statement raises the following question: what problems does digitalization cause for the learning process? The aim is to define and systemize the major problems (risks) for the system of higher education that occur in the context of digitalization. The research methods are empirical (polling, observation, interview) and theoretical (analysis, synthesis, generalization and systematization). The study shows that digitalization in education, information accessibility and the growing role of students’ independent cognitive activity raise a number of new questions. All of them are oriented at formation and development of students’ abilities and their preparedness to cognitive, communicative, value-based activity and continuous self-development. In this regard, digitalization requires revision of didactic foundations of the learning process. Means of online education provide a wide range of opportunities to strengthen the role of the learning process as part of the formal education system. However, these new forms cannot replace the “live” interaction between the participants of the learning process in the basic education system. Nevertheless online forms prevail in the system of extended learning, as well as the system of informal education. The findings of the investigation are of practical interest for education experts, college professors, school teachers and allow improving the learning process in the context of its digitalization.
digitalization of education, learning process, risks for the learning process in the context of digitalization, digitalization, e-learning, digital transformation of education