ARPHA Proceedings 3: 681-691, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0681
The Scientific Basis of Mentoring in the System of Preschool Education in the Russian Federation
expand article infoAlbina R. Drozdikova-Zaripova, Svetlana N. Bashinova, Seimbika U. Bichurina, Nataliya D. Koletvinova
Open Access
The strategic goal of modern state educational policy focused on improving the quality of management of a preschool educational organization in the context of compliance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Preschool Education prompted this research project. The purpose of the article is to review the concept of “mentoring” in the system of preschool education in search of methods of supporting beginning teachers. The authors formulated goals, objectives, and basic approaches to the implementation of mentorship programs in the educational environment. The essential characteristics of the scientific foundations of mentoring, which are the adaptation, training, and support of teachers of preschool organizations, are disclosed. As part of the research, the educational model “ROST” was proposed, which presents the classification of scientific mentoring and its inherent techniques. Also, the results of a survey of kindergarten teachers of the Russian Federation are presented.The article is intended for teachers of preschool educational organizations, leaders the preschool education system, students of teacher training colleges and universities, as well as for centers of advanced training and professional retraining of educators.
mentor, mentoring, educational environment, preschool education, coach, teachers, children's environment, pupil