ARPHA Proceedings 3: 585-595, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0585
The Organization of Professional Development of Specialists of the Sociocultural Centers for Children: Towns of Professions, Parks of Science, Interactive Museums
expand article infoKsenia A. Fiofanova
Open Access
The article analyzes education and leisure centers for children, the edutainment-centers. The focus is on the development of new social culture, an increase of the demand in edutainment-centers, problems of competency-based development and profiles of experts’ competencies, including their vocational training at corporate and university programs.The purpose of the research is to study the institutional development of edutainment-centers, identify their differences and advantages from traditional institutions (schools), analyze the features of developing technologies in edutainment-centers as well as the features of teacher training according to corporate standards.As a result of the study, the features of the institutional and geographical development of the edutainment-centers, the features of educational environment for children, the features of the programs for children, the features of the teacher training programs for the edutainment-centers, the specifics of the development of future competencies in children in the edutainment-centers are characterized.The practical significance of the study is new knowledge about the educational industry as an industry for the development of human potential.
edutainment centers, corporate programs, professional development, sociocultural centers for children, cultural competencies, science parks, interactive museums