ARPHA Proceedings 3: 561-573, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0561
The Role of a Teacher’s Speech Behavior in the Process of Developing the Students’ Thinking within the Digital Environment
expand article infoLarisa N. Fedoseeva, Tamara N. Demko, Tatyana E. Alekseeva
Open Access
The relevance of the research is determined by the fact that nowadays the intellectual life of mankind poses great problems for a teacher. In this connection the authors seek to prove that in the context of their joint intellectual activities the teacher sets the task of having spiritual impact on a student. Within the present-day digital environment, you have to clearly formulate the task for teaching: while educating your students it is necessary to enhance and improve their thinking.The major approach to investigating the problem is observation: а direct and dynamic interaction of the teacher and his class creates the best conditions to achieve this goal. Above all these meanings there is a super meaning that involves connotative language resources, non-verbal language, and the “I” images that spiritualize the joint thinking process. The article reveal that the teacher should not only master the rules of live speech but should realize that these are his professional tools. Previously, applied linguistics distinguished pedagogical linguistics designed for special professional philological training of a teacher. Nowadays this practice is retained only in the pedagogical educational institutions, however it is needed for all those who enter the classroom and start teaching.The authors draw the conclusion that under the present conditions of total digitalization, speech communication has acquired a strategic significance for bringing up a well-educated person.
speech communication, speech behaviour, language, thinking, digital environment, spiritual transformation, well-educated person