ARPHA Proceedings 3: 541-549, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0541
The Relationship of the Characteristics of “Perezhivanie” (Experiencing) in the Process of Knowledge Assimilation in the Lecture Classes of Young Students
expand article infoLiliya R. Fakhrutdinova
Open Access
The report is devoted to the urgent problem of modern education - the substantive aspect of educational activity: the problem of mastering knowledge in higher education. The assimilation of knowledge is the main central system-forming phenomenon in the educational process (Zimnyaya, 2000). The professional development of students depends on the effectiveness of learning. We consider the internal plan of the learning situation through the study characteristics of «perezhivanie» (experiencing) in the process of mastering knowledge during a lecture. We relied on many research years of the experiencing of Fakhrutdinova’s research in the field of psychology (2008, 2009, 2012), where the structural characteristics of «perezhivanie» (experiencing) - energy, spatial, temporal, informational, as well as functional characteristics - the developing function of “perezhivanie” (experiencing) are revealed. The trigger of «perezhivanie» (experiencing) is the impression.The purpose of the study is to analyse the relationship between the characteristics of “perezhivanie” (experiencing) in the process of knowledge assimilation in the classroom lecture type of students. As the leading method Fakhrutdinova is leading the research method It was revealed that the energy, spatial, temporal, informational characteristics of the “perezhivanie” (experiencing) have a high level of values, which indicates the high developing potential of lecture classes. Students also noted a high level of interest, the importance of lectures, their usefulness for their professional development, and high values of the characteristics of the impression of a lecture were observed. There was a high level of concentration on the contents of the lecture, and students noted high levels of concentration. The results show that lecture classes are important in the assimilation of knowledge since they provide high values of trace and information-energy, spatio-temporal characteristics of “perezhivanie” (experiencing) in the process of knowledge assimilation. The correlation activity of the energy characteristics of “perezhivanie” (experiencing) in the process of knowledge assimilation is revealed. Lecture classes have a high developing potential in the professional development of students.
“perezhivanie" (experiencing), educational activities, knowledge assimilation, higher education, learning motivation