ARPHA Proceedings 3: 487-498, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0487
Formation of the Vision Alimentary Culture of the Region among Migrants as the Method of Their Integration
expand article infoVyacheslav S. Dryagalov, Vladimir V. Palatkin, Andrey A. Sharonov
Open Access
The problems of the successful integration migrants due to the fact of recent political and economic events have acquired special political, socio-economic and cultural significance for Russia. Ensuring stable living of representatives of various ethnic groups and newly arriving migrants in a common society is a serious problem for each multi-ethnic territory. It requires the development of its own adaptation scenarios that take into account the peculiarities of regional national cultures. One of the ways to solve this problem, on the one hand, is to form functional knowledge about the features of the culture of migrants in the host country and, on the other hand, is to host ethnic groups in the culture of migrants. In this process, one of the means of successful integration can be the joint holding of national rites and celebrations. One of the important components of rituals and holidays is the culture of food consumption. The multidimensional phenomenon of the culture is particularly evident in elementary culture, the culture of food consumption, which includes the ethnic, religious and mental specifics of representatives of all traditionally living ethnic groups. The food code is one of the elements of an alimentary culture. Being a basic part of any ethnic or national culture and representing a system of cultural codes, around which the rest of the culture is built, it helps to realize oneself in the world, successfully communicate and avoid conflicts.
alimentary culture, migrants, multicultural society, formation of the vision alimentary culture