ARPHA Proceedings 3: 475-485, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0475
Complex Interaction of Traditional Innovative Teaching and Education Aids in the Process of Social and Aesthetic Education at School and University
expand article infoSvetlana I. Doroshenko, Elena G. Zharkova, Natalia A. Naumova
Open Access
The growth of megacities, uneven development of the center and regions, personification of audiovisual media, and disconnected subjectivity in the society makes the school and university education steadily move towards computerization and digitalization. There is a predictable cultural discrepancy due to the difference in opportunities, motivation, and the quality of teaching aids in the elite and local schools. It makes the issue of the research obviously relative and is seen as three interrelated contexts: social, cultural and educational. Moreover, the solution of the issue in the educational context makes the risks, generating from out the other contexts, drop significantly. Therefore, the article is focused on the ways to bridge cultural discrepancy in the Vladimir regional education system while bringing the traditional and innovative teaching aids to balance. The methods include analysis, modelling and statistical techniques. The experimental research material reviewed in the Vladimir branch of Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Vladimir State University and the practical outcomes make it possible to work out a model of the complex interaction of the traditional and innovative teaching aids providing the professional training and individual development only due to the balance between life music and electronic recordings, the interaction of “offline” and “online” structures in the monocultural and multicultural forms.
innovative teaching and education aids, traditional teaching aids, cultural discrepancy, complex interaction