ARPHA Proceedings 3: 465-473, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0465
Pedagogic Training of Engineering Masters for Cultural Conformity
expand article infoAleksey Dorofeev, Galina Bukalova, Alexander N. Novikov
Open Access
In the modern conditions of arising postindustrial society, industrial processes in the technical domain based on the centralization principle are now replaced with autonomy and responsibility. In this regard, it is topical to make an accent of professional responsibility in the result and target domain of engineering masters applying the cultural conformity principle.This article aims to introduce the issue of building moral and ethical competences in college students and to build a comprehensive approach to professional responsibility into the current discourse of higher education. Hence, considering the cultural conformity principle, this article is designed to define the educational conditions for learning pedagogical discipline by engineering masters in order to form personnel value focuses in further production activities.Researchers of the Orel State University Named after I. S. Turgenev studied the actual correspondence level of the competences of engineering graduates in Operation of Transport and Process Machines and Complexes declared by the educational establishment to the current demands. The leading research method was survey. It covered 69 respondents – experts and managers of car service enterprises in Orel region. The research allowed defining the demand in the main stakeholders for Master's degree graduates to impact building professional responsibility in the production personnel as future line managers.The article substantiates the presentation of cultural conformity principle in value focuses of profile production activities in the educational process. Metaethics provisions are based on a set of pedagogical and social philosophy ideas which are primary in practical pedagogical activities.The approach offered by the authors facilitates readiness of a Master's degree graduates majoring in engineering for pedagogical activities within the profile production site corresponding to current demands.
postindustrial society, professional responsibility, pedagogic training of Master's degree graduates; cultural conformity principle, metaethics provision, educational goals corresponding to current demands