ARPHA Proceedings 3: 369-380, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0369
Values-Based and Culture-Congruent Teacher Training
expand article infoNatalia S. Chernyakova
Open Access
The aim of the study is to analyze the values-based and culture-congruent teacher training. The importance of this analysis is determined by the fact that poly-cultural society is a complex system formed by the interaction of different subjects which should identify themselves not only with their own cultures, but also with the culture of society as a whole system. It follows, that to be in accordance with culture of poly-cultural society pedagogy should embody the dialectic of individual and general features of many cultures. On the one hand, teacher training, which is consistent with culture, should support, develop, literally – cultivate individual, special, unique qualities of a person, since culture as a specific way of life characterizes its subject as different from all other subjects of culture. On the other hand, to be in accordance with culture of poly-cultural society pedagogy should be based on a strict distinction between what is consistent with universal human culture, what unites people, makes them representatives of a single human race or a particular society as a whole system, and what is incompatible with culture as such in principle, never, under any circumstances. Culture-congruent teacher training will be able to solve the problem of organic unity of individual and general features in the formation of socio-cultural qualities of students only if the theoretical, methodological and methodical basis of training is the concept of fundamental values of Truth, Good and Beauty as universal senses of human existence embodied in the infinite variety of cultures.
culture, teacher training, poly-cultural society, values, value orientations