ARPHA Proceedings 3: 339-353, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0339
Russian Higher Educational Export Strategies in Digital and Global Perspective
expand article infoNatalia E. Buletova, Ekaterina V. Stepanova, Alexei A. Sokolov
Open Access
The purpose of this article is to determine the features of export development of Russian higher education at the level of a particular region, taking into account situations typical of ordinary regional universities and branches regarding the national policy to stimulate educational export and digital technologies use. The authors also substantiate the need for the development and adoption of measures aimed at solving interregional and interuniversity inequality problems taking into account financial and other resource opportunities of a given university.When writing the paper, we applied methods of system analysis which include comparisons, dynamic analysis, other methods of statistical analysis, a set of expert methods, including in-depth interviews, surveys, brainstorming, and SWOT analysis.The research results include the collection and processing of in-depth interviews with experts who are employees of international departments of universities of the Volgograd region, a survey of foreign students studying in regional universities and branches, on the basis of which the features of the implementation of the higher education export growth strategy by regional universities were determined and SWOT-analysis was conducted in order to identify risks and opportunities of regional universities and regional economy for educational export and its development.The authors’ findings include justification of digital technologies growing role in increasing the accessibility of Russian higher education to foreign students, justification of high role of higher education export for the regional economy and developed measures for the strategic development of export of higher education on the example of a regional university.
export of educational services, student, export potential, economic potential