ARPHA Proceedings 3: 219-233, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0219
Designing Research Programs in the Field of Teacher Education in the Global Context
expand article infoAlexandre G. Bermous
Open Access
The urgency of the problems of designing and implementing research programs in modern education is determined by global transformations of the sociocultural and educational spheres around the world, caused by many reasons, but made visible as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, education cannot mechanically reproduce existing models and practices of both full-time and distance learning, but should be rethought regarding changing conditions and contexts. The aim of the article is to formulate a categorical and methodological apparatus for analyzing the entire set of humanitarian practices, in statics and dynamics, with the aim of reflectively creating and developing educational systems. The leading method of analysis and reconstruction is the “field approach”, based on the ideas and concepts of psychology (K. Levin), sociology (P. Bourdieu) and psychoanalysis (J. Lacan) and providing a comprehensive description and problematization of the main aspects of educational reality: the value, the instrumental, the resource, and the human ones. It is noted that the approach allows one to overcome the one-sidedness and radicalism of various divisions and principles: a systemic or personal priority; the preference of quantitative or qualitative methods, subjectivity or objectivity concepts. The empirical basis of the study was made up of resources and tools for analyzing publication activity on the Dimensions ( ) and SciVal ( platforms. The results presented in the article allow solving two interrelated problems: to modernize the scientific activity management system by level of individual universities focused on global competitiveness, and identify key areas of research in the field of education, relevant both from the point of view of the Russian educational situation and from the point of view of global trends.
research in the field of education, research programs, scientific and educational policy, clustering, paradigm approach, field approach, structural psychoanalysis, discourses, research matrix