ARPHA Proceedings 3: 207-218, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0207
The Question of Students' Preparedness for Studying in the Digital Educational Environment
expand article infoIrina S. Begantsova, Svetlana P. Akutina, Tamara T. Shchelina
Open Access
The relevance of the problem is due to the need for developing modern students' competencies related to the ability to develop in digital educational environment as well as use the Internet and digital services effectively. Digital literacy development will enable secure communication within the digital environment in a new social format. Digital literacy is related to a person's ability to create and use content with the help of digital technologies while searching for the information and sharing it while communicating with other people. The purpose of the article is to study the level of modern students' preparedness for studying in digital educational environment. This phenomenon involves changes not only in the qualification requirements for the teaching staff, but also in the value-and-semantic sphere of the educational process subjects, their attitudes towards what is happening, the development of students' awareness and preparedness for using digital educational technologies during the process of mastering the profession. The article deals with the components of modern students' readiness to study in a digital educational environment, as well as their levels of development. As a result, it was found that there is some discrepancy between the requirements of the Higher education system in the framework of educational environment digitalization and the students' preparedness for using information resources in their most effective educational version.The methodological basis was represented by the aspects of the competence-based approach and the ideas of environmental and personal-activity approaches.The possibility to create a digital educational environment which able to make changes in the value-and-semantic sphere of the educational process subjects in a modern University as well as students' preparedness for acquiring new competencies that are in demand in the digital labor market, are revealed in the article.The research materials provide important information in the field of modern digital education, digital culture and forming personal, cognitive and communication readiness for successful socialization in the information society.
digitalization of education; digital culture; digital technologies; digital educational environment; students' personal, cognitive, and communication readiness