ARPHA Proceedings 3: 89-100, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0089
Opportunities for Improving the Professional Success of Teachers in the Modern Educational Environment
expand article infoTimirkhan B. Alishev, Pavel N. Ustin, Elvira G. Sabirova
Open Access
The relevance of studying the problem of improving the professional success of teachers is determined by the system-structural nature of the educational space, which includes a huge variety of factors that are subject to dynamic changes. The purpose of the work is to show the components of the educational environment that influence the success of the teacher's professional activity and to reveal the possibilities of managing the professional trajectory of the teacher. The study considers the world experience of analyzing various components of the educational environment that determine the features of individual trajectories of the professional development of teachers. It is shown that one of the leading factors of professional success of teachers is their professional qualifications. It is concluded that managing the process of improving the competence of a teacher through the content of professional qualifications is one of the most effective mechanisms for improving the effectiveness of the educational process. A variant of constructing a digital predictive - prescriptive model using artificial intelligence technologies is proposed. This model will allow designing an effective individual trajectory of the professional development of a teacher and the content of professional development programs. The theoretical and practical significance of the research is determined by the need to improve the effectiveness of the teacher's activities through the management of the development of his professional competencies.
big data, educational process, educational environment, digital environment, professional success of a teacher, student success, professional development of a teacher