ARPHA Proceedings 3: 59-71, doi: 10.3897/ap.2.e0059
Phenomenon of Cultural Dialogue in Development of Mathematical Culture of Students
expand article infoTatiana I. Alekseeva, Larisa A. Sergeeva
Open Access
The process of modernization of the present-day educational system, as well as the public demand for the formation of high school graduates’ mathematical cultural skills are an important, but understudied, cause for concern.The convergence of natural and mathematical studies and the Humanities through the concept of dialogue of cultures is becoming one of the high school’s educational priorities. It enables graduates’ continuous worldview formation and their readiness to practice self-directed learning. In this context, the purpose of this research is to provide theoretical justification and rationale for the formation of an educational environment which will enable a contextual approach to intercultural dialogue. The article provides theoretical justification and clarification of the category of ‘mathematical culture’ and at submitting experimental proof of the need to create an educational intercultural environment. The framework of the research includes methods of theoretical analysis, generalizations, scientific literature interpretation, as well as empirical research methods such as surveys and observation (search and standardized observation) and pedagogical experiment. The paper presents a theoretical model of the levels of high school students’ mathematical culture formation. The model’s criteria and its measurements have been provided for. A set of didactic conditions for the development of high school students’ mathematical culture based on the dialogue of cultures is identified. The practice-oriented materials presented in the article will help schoolteachers in creating an intercultural educational environment that will enable the development of high school graduates’ mathematical culture.
educational environment, intercultural dialogue, mathematical culture