ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1371-1380, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e1301
Competitiveness Management of Teacher Training Universities as Part of Higher Education Internationalization Process
expand article infoSergey D. Karakozov, Denis P. Ananin
Open Access
The problem of increasing the levels of competitiveness among teacher training universities in Russia is becoming more and more relevant as Russian education emerges on the international arena. As a result, export of Russian educational services becomes an opportunity that requires seizing. This research paper examines the specificities of internationalization among teacher training universities in Russia as well as the factors that constitute the development of their competitiveness strategy. The paper uses Michael Porter’s "diamond model" as the basis for investigating competitiveness. The "diamond model" includes four attributes: factor conditions; domestic demand conditions; related and supporting industries; firm strategy, structure and rivalry. Along with the methods of theoretical analysis, these elements are used in measuring efficiency of Russian teacher training universities against the background of internationalization process. This paper describes the distinctive features of internationalization of education and science in Russian universities and analyzes directions of internationalization as seen in activities of Moscow State Pedagogical University and Altai State Pedagogical University, the two institutions used as representatives of the core-periphery model. The stages of competitive development from Michael Porter’s diamond model are adapted for teacher training universities. Based on the adapted data, a set of recommendations is drawn up for developing a competitiveness strategy. The results of the research allow teacher training universities to create a roadmap for developing competitiveness in accordance with their existing potential, resources and specific character of their activities.
internationalization of higher education, teacher training university, Porter diamond model, management of competitiveness, education export.