ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1251-1262, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e1189
A Three-Fold Model of Pedagogical Provision for English Integrative Learning Activity of First-Year Students of International Education Institute
expand article infoNataliya I. Zamerchenko, Anastasiya V. Tikhomirova, Andrej V. Kuznetsov, Olga P. Bogatyreva, Andrej A. Bogatyrev
Open Access
The purpose of the article is to describe the innovative theoretical communicator-centered triune model of an integrative approach towards organizing learning activities of first-year students of International Education department as one of the many possible productive models for vocationally oriented higher education training. The development of a theoretical model took into account the organizational, pedagogical, linguistic, linguodidactic and methodological aspects of its implementation. The key theoretical approach to solving the complex of objectives is based on modern understanding of the nature of professional pedagogical communication as distinguished by such traits as controllability, flexibility, interactivity, representativeness and interpretability, reflected in the adopted international 21st Century Skills Concept. The results of the study include the theoretical model, disclosed as a set of essential characteristics, the outline of the program of forming of a professionally-oriented linguistic personality, description of means of methodological support. The pilot experiment confirmed the productivity of the innovative teaching model. The practical significance of the research results is determined by the productivity of the proposed integrative three-dimensional approach to the organization of the educational process in the context of international education in English.
international education; integrative pedagogical model; innovative vocationally-oriented learning; EFL; CCLT