ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1167-1179, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e1109
Educational Websites in the Work of Russian Elementary School Teachers
expand article infoElvira G. Sabirova, Venera Gilmkhanovna Zakirova
Open Access
The fast development of communicational and informational technologies has led to the increase of active young internet users and over the last 3 years their number has more than doubled. Nowadays, comprehensive mass and general education activities are organized through teaching in the context of educational digitalization, with the purpose of providing equal opportunities for all learners. General education and communication through internet require relevant preparation in elementary school. The purpose of this study is twofold: firstly, to identify the characteristics of using educational websites in professional activity of elementary school teacher in the Russian Federation and secondly, to develop methodological recommendations on effective usage of educational websites. Research was carried out in the city of Kazan (Tatarstan, Russia). In this research we used query-diagnostic methods (surveys, interviews) that help to reveal particularities of applying educational web sites in teaching process of elementary school children in Russian Federation. Materials and results of research could be interesting for elementary school teachers, parents of schoolchildren and school administration.
educational web sites, teaching of elementary school children, informational and educational environment of elementary school.