ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1105-1112, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e1049
Cognitive Modelling of the Socialization Process as a Digital Transformation Trend in Higher Education
expand article infoValeria Sh. Maslennikova, Vera M. Zhurakovskaya, Vera A. Bogovarova, Roman E. Moiseev
Open Access
The relevance of the study of this problem is due to the intensive implementation of new information technologies and various electronic courses that contribute to the introduction of digitalization in the educational system. According to the regulatory documents, the purpose of digitalization of the educational system is to ensure a broad access to information and digital resources, and the use of digital technologies in the educational process. In this regard, this article focuses on the identification and disclosure of the purpose and objectives of digitization in the education system, the implementation of the principle of organization of mastering of the optimally required knowledge, a particular algorithm, contributing to the development and transmission of knowledge by means of individual internal and external instruments of knowledge representing the cognitive organization of a personality. The leading method in the study of this problem is the interdisciplinary analysis of scientific literature, which allowed to reveal the essence of the digitalization of the educational process, optimization of the method of cognitive modeling in the educational process in order to develop internal instruments of knowledge of students; theoretical modeling, which allowed to structure the planning process of educational activities in higher education. The article reveals the changes determined by the new socio-cultural and economic situation of digital development, substantiates the new formats of collaboration and learning built around the student, requiring digital literacy teachers and responsibility of students for the quality of their education. The article is focused on the adaptation of teachers to the new conditions of professional activity in the field of education in the conditions of digitalization.
digital education, digital educational environment, digital technologies, digital literacy, cognitive modeling.