ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1057-1068, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e1002
Psychological and Pedagogical Security of Educational Environment in Higher Educational Establishments as a Prerequisite for Successful Adaptation of First-Year Students
expand article infoGalina M. Kodzhaspirova, Yuri G. Kodzhaspirov, Aleksey Yu. Kodzhaspirov, L. V. Polyakova
Open Access
Successful adaptation of first-year students is a topical issue that has, so far, no complete theoretical or practical solution due to constant transformation of school and college education. While some first-year students typically do not go further than their first exams campaign, for many of them, overcoming the pitfalls and risks of their first year is fraught with severe stress, and results in poor adaptation to new conditions that may arise in future settings. One of the factors contributing to successful and fast adaptation to college is the psychological and pedagogical security of educational environment. However, the nature of educational environment and successful adaptation of first-year students are not directly related, but are interdependent: secure environment is a condition for optimum adaptation, while successful adaptation is a condition for psychological and pedagogical security of educational environment. The fundamental premise for creating a secure educational environment for students in their first year that would contribute to their successful adaptation is a person-centred approach built on the anthropocentric practices of learning and pedagogical interaction.
coping strategies; students; health; psychological risks; psychological and pedagogical security; adaptation process; interactive anthropocentric practice; secure personality; coping behaviour.