ARPHA Proceedings 1: 915-926, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0869
Formation of Youth Readiness to the Development of Environmental Volunteering at University
expand article infoGayni K. Dlimbetova, S. U. Abenova, Kulzhanat N. Bulatbayeva, Guzaliya Z. Fahrutdinova, Kulzhakhan Sh. Bakirova
Open Access
Relevance of the article is based on the importance of environmental education and development of the "green" economics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Despite the relevancy of environmental education, there is a lack of studies on the relationship between the greening of education, "green economy" and the modernization of students ' consciousness. Thus, there is a gap between the demands of the state and the environmentally oriented training of future specialists. Currently, the solution to environmental problems is under the control of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the city administration. Environmental volunteering can be a priority area to address environmental issues to form the environmental culture of the population. At the same time, the content of environmental volunteering is quite diverse and young professionals should implement creative ideas in public life. The aim of the article is to examine mechanisms of environmental volunteering development among young people because this is one of the priority directions of the educational ecologization. The leading approach of the study is the activity approach, which allows to describe the activities and motives of the environmental volunteer movement, its impact on self-awareness, thinking and behavior of future professionals. Environmental volunteering development is considered on a base of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. Furthermore, the role of environmental volunteer movement in students’ lives is examined. The process of the organization of environmental volunteering in an educational institution is described. Ecological and spiritual conscience, ecological thinking, ecological behavior, ecological culture are viewed as important components of ecologization. Ecological activities organized by students are analyzed as well as the conditions for development of environmental volunteering in Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov (further, ENU named after L. N. Gumilyov). After all, youth activity is important for environmental protection as well as the experience of developed countries in this direction. The role of eco-volunteers in the development of the "green University" has educational, research and practice-oriented importance. Specifically, the eco-volunteers’ contribution consists of: lectures, debates, trainings, master classes in student classrooms and dormitories, the development of various kinds of memos for personal household management, which explain the economical use of energy resources and waste management, the creation of signs about resource conservation, the creation of environmental bags which are aimed to reduce household and industrial waste, containers for the collection of used batteries. Also, the possibility to implement eco-initiatives and eco-lightening into educational is shown. Eco-volunteers participate in different ecological events and as a result, prove the importance of environmental activities based on their own experience. The mentioned above key aspects are foundation for the environmental transparency, providing students with information about the environmental conditions and health problems. Thus, it will stimulate students’ active participation in nature preservation and the programmes dedicated to keep the Earth clean. The practical value of this article is the introduction of eco-initiatives and eco-education in other universities, along with the greening of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The materials of the article can be useful for public organizations that are concerned about the problems of human interaction and the world of nature. The authors provide recommendations on the organization of work with volunteers and the position of the youth center on environmental regular activities. Active involvement of young people in international events will help them to study other countries’ experience in solving various environmental problems. Therefore, future specialists in various fields will be prepared for the integration of environment protection activities.
environmental volunteering, eco-volunteer, environmental consciousness, environmental behaviour, environmental activity, "green" university, youth environmental organization "Zheruyyk».