ARPHA Proceedings 1: 907-914, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0861
Reconsidered Content of Upbringing in Modern Pedagogy
expand article infoIrina Dmitrievna Demakova, Inna Yuryevna Shustova, Roza Alexeevna Valeeva
Open Access
Upbringing both now and always is humanistic in its nature and implies focus on a child’s personality as the supreme value and on their capacity for self-actualization and self-development. It is important to realize the priorities in modern-day educational activity. These priorities are the humanization principle which means creating conditions for child’s development and self-development; facilitation as the basis of the educational activities; the co-existence principle; the functionality which means commitment to helping children and encouraging coherency in their socialization and individualization; processuality of educational activities, meaning the pedagogue’s ability to work ‘in the process’ and in direct interaction with children. This article emphasizes the following conditions for efficiency of educational activities in modern world: focus on the present-day reality; integration as the basis of inclusion; reflective competence of a teacher and pedagogue; investigative nature of educational activity.
professional development; education; educational activity; humanization; personality development; self-actualization; self-development