ARPHA Proceedings 1: 883-891, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0839
Native Language Teaching to the Siberian Peoples in Conditions of the New Language Situation
expand article infoElena N. Chaykovskaya
Open Access
The reason for the relevance of the studied issue is a new language situation: firstly, native languages disappear from the sphere of everyday communication among small Siberian aboriginal peoples; secondly, theoretical, content-technological and research-methodical aspects of the native language teaching to the school students are insufficiently developed. The goal of the article is to develop a new model of the teaching of native languages as non-native ones and the approbation of this model. The main method of studying of this issue is modeling allowing examination of this issue as of a process of the purposeful and conscious formation of the school students’ language competence. The article represents the model of the native language teaching at school including the program and methodical support, in which forms and rules of the studied language use pass to the level of automatic use, i.e. to the sphere of the unconscious. Received results of the learning using this program confirm its successfulness in conditions of the disappearance of original and rare languages of Siberian aboriginal peoples. The represented program allows organization of the language teaching on the base of communicative centrism and intensive technologies, raises the degree of the learners’ motivation to study a native language.
native languages, studying of endangered languages, intensive teaching method, native languages of the small Siberian aboriginal peoples.