ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1093-1108, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0803
Psychological and Pedagogical Support for High School Students’ Self-Reflection
expand article infoGulnara F. Biktagirova, Lilya Sh. Karimova
Open Access
Today it is essential to create conditions for reflective processes which facilitate self-realization among schoolchildren. Self-reflection is necessary for the development of high school students, since it is due to reflection that the attitude to oneself is revived, the need for self-change and self-development appear. The aim of the study was to identify and test the effectiveness of psychological and pedagogical support for reflection formation in high school students. Various theoretical and empirical methods of research were used; a psychological and pedagogical experiment was conducted by means of the following methods: "Self-Reflection and Insight Scale" (SRIS) developed by Grant, Franklin, & Langford (2002); Leontyev’s (2009) questionnaire "Differential Type of Reflection" (DTR) and Karpov’s (2003) questionnaire "Method of Reflexivity Diagnostics" (MRD). The article presents the results of experimental work on testing the effectiveness of the program to ensure the development of reflection among high school students. Experimental studies were carried out in secondary schools of the city of Kazan (Russian Federation). The results of the experimental study proved the effectiveness of psychological and pedagogical assistance in high school students’ self-reflection formation.
reflection, psychological and pedagogical support, reflection formation, reflexivity, high school students, formation program.