ARPHA Proceedings 1: 1027-1037, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0762
The Socio-Cultural Meanings of the New Pedagogical Education
expand article infoNadia G. Yusupova, Galina N. Skudareva, Oksana A. Milkevich
Open Access
This article actualizes the problem of future teacher professional training in the terms of new pedagogical education; it reveals the methods of dynamic and contextual educational system analysis and theoretical analysis of scientific and special literature, which formulates social challenges to education, its new socio-cultural meanings; it also gives normative constructs of national educational policy, regulating and approving main directions of further national education development. The review presents the experience of foreign countries that achieved success in education (France, Finland, Germany, Poland) and the methodological bases of socio-cultural interaction between State and Society, according to the socio-cultural partnership principle and methodological approaches (culturological and humanitarian – culturological) for the formulated problem solution. It formulates conceptually and justifies essentially the definition of "socially active school" and "socially oriented education", which highlights the interrelated components – social and educational, that allows these phenomena to solve social and educational problems successfully and effectively. The article gives the analysis of future teacher professional competence and formulates the following labor functions: necessary skills and knowledge for the professional standard "Teacher", labor actions, it also gives the normative basis for new generation pedagogical shots training and intends for unified requirements establishment to the professional pedagogical activity maintenance and quality , for teachers’ qualification level assessment; it presents different resources for new pedagogical education taking into account contemporary socio-cultural meanings (senses). The data broaden the theoretical idea of the teacher of the future professional training in the Russian education contemporary development and stimulate projecting new pedagogical education.
pedagogical education, socio-cultural situation, competence, professional standard