ARPHA Proceedings 1: 989-1001, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0736
General Pedagogical ICT Competency as a Content-forming Factor in the Training of a New Teacher
expand article infoGalina S. Vyalikova, Maria V. Plekhanova, Julia A. Pluzhnikova, Svetlana S. Savelyeva
Open Access
At present teacher training takes place in the conditions of IT integration into education – a large-scale implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the educational process at all levels. This makes topical the problem of forming general pedagogical ICT competency of students majoring in pedagogy, who will have to become teachers of a new type, which requires content and procedural restructuring of higher pedagogical education. The aim of the work is to reveal the potential of general pedagogical ICT competency, consisting of motivational, cognitive, technological, communication-network and reflexive-axiological components, as a content-forming factor in the training of new teachers at university. The research methods used to achieve the aim include theoretical analysis and modeling that have provided for the elaboration of a model to develop students’ general pedagogical ICT competency in the process of higher pedagogical education. The resulting model is to be tested in the real education process subject to the proposed conditions.
General pedagogical ICT competency, information society, IT integration into education, content of higher pedagogical education, content-forming factor