ARPHA Proceedings 1: 975-988, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0726
Future Teachers’ Intellectual and Creative Skills Development in the Multicultural Educational Sphere
expand article infoNatalia V. Volynkina
Open Access
The relevance of the present issue is caused by a strong need of higher education practice in scientific and methodological provision of a future teacher’s intellectual and creative skills development in the multicultural educational sphere. The aim of the article is to justify scientifically the procedural essence of pedagogical technology of learners’ skills development in a higher pedagogical school. The main method of the research is conceptual and terminological analysis, as it helps to define key terms "intellectual and creative skills" and "system and prognostic thinking". On this basis the author reveals the essence of future teacher’s intellectual and creative skills development, presents a pedagogical technology including theoretical, empirical and reflexive phases which are carried out through the mechanisms of goal-setting, practical exercising and reflection. The author works out motivation and cognitive, activity and reflexive criteria and indicators which are objective, universal and sufficient for correct fixation of qualitative changes in the level of future teachers’ intellectual and creative skills development. The technology created by the author helps future teachers create and carry out new ways of influence on their pupils, perceive the educational process as a dynamic sphere of open tasks. The research materials can be used during future teachers’ studying in a higher pedagogical school and advanced training.
intellectual and creative skills, system and prognostic thinking, technology of working on a pedagogical problem, higher pedagogical school