ARPHA Proceedings 1: 959-974, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0719
Teachers’ Moral Development in Master’s Degree Programs on Personality Development through Education
expand article infoLarisa G. Vikulova, Anna V. Mezhina, Sergey N Semjannikov (Hierodeacon Moses)
Open Access
The relevance of the present issue is due to a strong need to provide pupils’ personality development, including socialization, spiritual and moral values and insufficient attention to appropriate teacher training. The aim of the article is to investigate modern teenagers’ and future teachers’ spiritual and moral values, and show the possibility of spiritual and moral development of future teachers in Master’s degree programs. A survey conducted with the help of a questionnaire is the main method in the research. The article presents the results of the survey, showing the difference in the worldview of a) pupils and students; b) students who study at institutions with a special spiritual and moral element and students whose program of study does not contain such special component. The results show the potential of special courses aimed at the spiritual and moral development of future teachers, carried out with the implementation of missionary practices and spiritual dialogue, in particular.
teacher’s spiritual and moral potential; master’s program; teacher’s personality; teacher’s personal and professional development; spiritual and moral culture.