ARPHA Proceedings 1: 919-933, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0688
Teachers’ Professional Development in the Process of Workers’ Training for Worldskills Championships’ Participation
expand article infoTatiana M. Tregubova, Irina N. Ainoutdinova, Yuriy M. Tregubov, Anna B. Nikolaeva
Open Access
The comparative-pedagogical study of the systems of professional-pedagogical education both in Russia and abroad can be considered very actual, while the processes of globalization and integration influence greatly upon the transformation of the existing educational paradigm. It manifests itself both in the estimation of essential characteristics of professional-pedagogical education, as well as in the attitude towards vocational education and training (VET): thus, it is becoming more attractive for students – future specialists of the labour market in accordance with the opportunity to participate in the international movement "Worldskills". Thus the problem of professional development of teachers, able to form a completely new type of a working person ‒ creative, flexible to the changes in the globalizing world, responsible and active is of a particular importance at the present moment. The demand for results of conducted research is determined by the ability to re-think and over-estimate critically the conceptual basis of the system of professional development of teachers, to define vectors of its development in accordance with major educational trends and tendencies, to enlarge pedagogical resource of teaching and learning in the system of higher pedagogical education.
professional-pedagogical education; teachers' training, workers' education and training; Worldskills Championship; comparative analysis; adaptive-educational potential.