ARPHA Proceedings 1: 875-884, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0643
Training of Future Teachers of the Russian Language as Native and Foreign: Problems and Ways of Overcoming Them
expand article infoElena N. Strelchuk
Open Access
The study of the Russian language, its distribution, and preservation in many respects depend on specialists in the field of philology, in particular, teachers who are working not only in Russia but also abroad. Currently, the problem of training future teachers of the Russian language as a native and as a foreign language has become relevant. After graduating from the university, students do not want to work according to the profession. The purpose of the study is to reveal the problems associated with the training of future teachers of the Russian language in Russian universities and to determine ways to solve them. For this purpose, several methods were used: complex theoretical analysis, observation, social and pedagogical, basic and diagnostic, pilot pedagogical studies. During the research, more than 300 participants from different countries of the world took part. The problems that are demonstrating why students choose the philological faculty were identified. Then, the motivation to master their future profession disappears. The solutions of problems based on a pedagogical experiment are offered, i.e. development of special courses, testing modern technologies that allow building the process of teaching professional activity taking into account the clip thinking of students and multicultural environment of the University. The conclusions presented in the article aim teachers at the active creative process directed at the development of motivation of students to mastering future profession in the system of higher education of the Russian Federation.
Russian language as native; Russian language as foreign; preparation problems; clip consciousness; motivation; polycultural educational environment.