ARPHA Proceedings 1: 865-874, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0630
Future Teachers’ Instrumental Metaprofessional Competencies Development as Way of Their Methodical Competence Establishment
expand article infoTatiana A. Solovyeva, Irina М. Vitkovskaya
Open Access
Topicality of the research is determined by the main goal of education, stated in the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Professional Education in Russia, that is mastering both academic and professionally oriented competencies, and universal, metaprofessional (instrumental, interpersonal, general system-based) competencies. Modern higher education makes implementation of competence-based professional standards one of the dominant activities in educational institutions. Raising the level of methodical competencies for undergraduates, as a result of high quality professional education, becomes one of the targets. In this context, the objective of the article is to consider the "Primary Education" methodical competence-based components ¬– theoretic-methodological and technological – through universal metaprofessional competencies development; generalization of scientific methodical data. The material is focused on the theoretical proof and experimental evidence of the methodical competence establishment for future primary school teachers on the basis of fundamental academic disciplines. This research was based on the methods of theoretical analysis of scientific literature, testing, educational experiment and lesson observation, qualitative analysis of students’ work. The article presents a theoretical model of the levels for methodical competence among future teachers, with the criteria and their nominative and specific indicators. This model enables teachers to track the dynamics of methodical competence development among students of pedagogical departments at various stages of education. The methodical materials presented in the article will help teachers in designing assignments that ensure instrumental metaprofessional competencies development at lecture classes for students.
methodical competence; levels of methodical competence; instrumental metaprofessional competencies; implicit learning; future teachers