ARPHA Proceedings 1: 827-838, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0600
Interactive Methods for Organizing Pre-Service Teaching Practice
expand article infoOlga F. Shikhova, Yuri A. Shikhov, Yulia V. Krasavina, M. Aiman Al Akkad
Open Access
The paper deals with the problem of organizing effective pre-service teaching practice for bachelor’s students. Improving the quality of students’ practical training is vital and could be based on the use of interactive teaching methods. The paper presents the typology and principles for organizing professional pedagogical internships aimed at students’ personal development and preparation for professional world. This problem is considered in the framework of activity-based approach where key elements are individual creativity, self-development and self-actualization acquired through active learning. The paper also reveals the goals and objectives for all types of professional pedagogical training, and provides examples of their implementation. It is shown that pedagogical training during pre-service teaching forms first professional students’ experience and reveals a specific nature of educational work.
professional pedagogical training, educator, interactive methods, pre-service teaching