ARPHA Proceedings 1: 819-826, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0588
Child Personality Development at the Stage of Preschool and Primary School Age as a Meaningful Reference Point of Continuous Professional Development of a Teacher
expand article infoTamara T. Shchelina
Open Access
The problem of providing the continuity of psychological and social development of children at the stage of transition from kindergarten to primary school needs the reorientation of continuous education programs of pre-school and primary education teachers with an emphasis on improving their psychological and pedagogical competence concerning to provide child’ personality development and socialization. The aim of the research is to develop profound and technological support of professional development programs for pre-school and primary education teachers based on the analysis of their psychological and pedagogical competence and readiness to implement the continuity of preschool and primary education during the children's preparation and subsequent adaptation to school. In the study the methods of theoretical analysis of scientific and methodological literature on the problem, questioning, survey, designing, modeling and pedagogical situations’ analysis and experiment are used.The article presents the analysis of the results of the survey and questioning the teachers attending development courses, characterizing the essential understanding the question of continuity of preschool and primary education, the difficulties of didactic, organizational, methodological, psychologic and pedagogical plan. The results are the basis for designing the content and development of technological support for the implementation of training programs for pre-school and primary school education teachers. The program is based on the teachers ' understanding and subsequent use of the interrelationship between the children development and socialization, starting from infancy to primary school period and during the period of education, including preparation for the transition to basic education. The chosen strategy of creating the program is due to the fact that the formation and development of educational activity as leading and independent is based on initiative, independence, creativity, curiosity, arbitrariness, formed in previous periods.
preschool childhood, preschool educational institution, primary school, primary school, teachers continuous professional development