ARPHA Proceedings 1: 781-792, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0558
From an Undergraduate Special Education Student to an Expert Researcher
expand article infoYulia V. Selivanova, Natalya V. Pavlova, Ekaterina N. Gorina, Ludmila V. Myasnikova
Open Access
Becoming an expert researcher is important for students majoring in special education. Studying the issue is relevant and urgent due to the fact that there are quite a number of diverse and flexible education forms for the persons with special educational needs; educational needs shape the preparation process of a universal teacher, the one who is willing to seek for innovative technologies and is capable of doing research. The goal of the article is to describe and systematize the effective organizational forms, methods, and techniques of personal and professional development for students who are to become future special education teachers capable of doing independent research. Methods used are observation and survey as a result of which 160 students studying in a special education program of Saratov State University were interviewed; the study revealed the dynamics of their self-assessment regarding their professional qualities and creative abilities. The study confirms the necessity to enhance the students’ personal, creative and research potential in various types of training, educational and social activities provided at the university. The procedural model of an expert researcher development created and proposed by the authors enables the possibility to focus on professional growth and self-improvement of future special education teachers. The proposed model can be recommended for use; its implementation is in accordance with the general educational trend to problem and project training using active methods of work with the teacher in the forms of scientific, creative, interactive collaboration.
special education; expert researcher; research potential; students; development model.