ARPHA Proceedings 1: 735-750, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0518
On the Models of Teacher Training Within the Context of Scientific and Educational Cluster at Technical Universities
expand article infoRais S. Safin, Eugene A. Korchagin, Ruslan N. Abitov
Open Access
Providing the system of secondary vocational education with qualified teachers is one of the urgent problems of vocational education. The main objective of the study is to create opportunities to provide secondary and tertiary technical educational institutions with teachers of specific subjects with the help of the scientific and educational cluster of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE). In this regard, this article aims to develop educational models of training vocational teachers within the cluster. A key method to study the problem of designing models of teacher training is a systematic approach. In accordance with the approach, designed objects are seen as pedagogical systems. In the process of training, it is necessary to form general and professional competencies in order to carry out engineering and pedagogical activities, which is possible due to competence-based, activity-based and integrative approaches. The focus of educational programs on students’ personal development involves the use of a student-centered approach. Having studied all these approaches, we can suggest a comprehensive approach to the problem. The components of the proposed pedagogical model and educational features of PhD students training at a technical university are discussed. The optional models of teacher preparation at secondary and tertiary educational institutions within the scientific and educational cluster are given. Professional and pedagogical education of teachers in accordance with the models ensures the integration of psychological, pedagogical and vocational training. The content of pedagogical disciplines in basic and optional part of the curriculum is given. This is achieved by the optimal combination of teaching abilities and qualities of a highly qualified teacher.
vocational education; teacher of special disciplines; federal state educational standards; areas of training; master’s degree; scientific and educational cluster.