ARPHA Proceedings 1: 725-734, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0507
Study of the Professional Standard Assessment by Young Teachers
expand article infoLyaysan A. Rybakova, Gulfiia G. Parfilova
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Professional standard of a teacher is a document that takes into account all the requirements for teacher’s personality and professional competence. From now on teacher’s qualification level will be assigned in accordance with this regulatory act. It should also be considered when recruiting a teacher and in drafting his job description. This document details all the knowledge and skills that teachers should possess, and also specifies labor activities depending on the direction of work (teacher in a preschool institution, primary school teacher, subject school teacher, etc.). It is expected that due to the introduction of a professional standard, top-ranking specialists who can work with various categories of children (gifted, disabled, orphans, migrants, etc.) and effectively interact with other specialists (special education teachers, psychologists, social educators and etc.) will form the basis of Russian educational system. This study was conducted in the context of a cross-cultural research of professional teaching standards: on the understanding of professional standards by teachers in five countries. Participating countries: Scotland, Portugal, Russia (1st stage), Canada and Australia (2nd stage). The purpose of the study is to analyze the features of teacher’s professional standard assessment by young teachers, and empirically compare the features of teacher’s professional standard assessment by young teachers and by experienced ones. The study involved 258 teachers of educational institutions, among them - 35 men and 193 women. The age of the subjects is from 24 to 54 years. The experience of pedagogical activity varies from 3 to 35 years. The data obtained allow us to state that the majority of young teachers believe that professional standards are useful for evaluation teachers' work; professional standards state a constructive policy aimed at improving learning; professional standards are a suitable tool to support professional development of teachers. At the same time, young educators note that professional standards entail bureaucratic control over teachers, and that professional standards are the way to increase teacher accountability. In general, young teachers have a positive attitude to professional standards, however, there is a fear of increasing the bureaucratic pressure on them.
professional standard, young teachers, teacher’s skills and knowledge