ARPHA Proceedings 1: 625-632, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0430
Integral Unity of Cognitive and Emotional Components of Personal and Professional Development of Teachers
expand article infoLarisa Yu. Mukhametzyanova, Svetlana Yu. Gruzkova, Alsu R. Kamaleeva, Natalya A. Nozdrina
Open Access
The relevance of the following article is caused by transformations in the social and economic levels of the development of Russia in the modern period, implementation of new legal documents, development of new educational standards, consideration of professional needs according to which it is necessary to increase the level of personal and professional development of a pedagogue. In accordance with this, the current article is focused on the development of innovative technologies, which will lead to the efficiency of the following process. Methodological bases of the research involve the following approaches: system, personally-oriented, problem and situational, innovative–reflexive; principles: cultural identity, pedagogical and information technologies integration, cooperation, activity, supplying integral unity of cognitive and emotional components in the personal and professional teachers’ development. The article revealed the integral unity of cognitive and emotional components of learning in the process of acquiring scientific knowledge; functional algorithm of processing information was created and realized in the process of professional training of future teachers. As a technological mechanism supplying conditions for the Art (creativity), mentality and emotion control, as well as achievement of professional success on the basis of openness of emotional- image potential of the intellectual activity art-technologies are being studied.
integral unity, cognitive component, emotional component, personal and professional development, teacher, art technologies.