ARPHA Proceedings 1: 597-608, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0415
Attitudes of Pedagogical Departments’ Students towards Teaching Profession
expand article infoIrina V. Morozikova, Elena V. Filippova
Open Access
The problem of professional self-identification of young people, the idea of the professional "self" of those who are going to enter the labor market and become the efficient force of society, is relevant for the rapidly developing modern society. The paper considers the peculiarities of the professional choice made by students of pedagogical departments, their ideas of the future profession and the motives of getting higher education. In order to reach these goals the following methodological basis was used: theoretical methods, empiric methods (projective methods, observation, and interchange), methods of mathematical statistics. The results of the research have revealed a number of contradictions in the attitude to the future profession characteristic of the majority of students of pedagogical departments. The profession of a teacher appeals to them, but they have already faced considerable psychological difficulties resulting from the low awareness of their skills and abilities. Even at the stage of career-guidance, it is important to consider students' attitude towards the profession, to form the proper idea of its essence, its main features, its difficulties. Studying at a university requires proper psychological and pedagogical guidance of the personality of future teachers (their personal qualities, job requirements, and inner motives of getting higher education). The intensification of psychological training and literacy will contribute to the effective training of a future teacher.
professional choice; future teachers; training; psychological difficulties; attitude to the profession.