ARPHA Proceedings 1: 585-595, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0408
Educational IT Environment and the Problem of a Foreign Language Teacher’s Information and Communication Competence Formation
expand article infoAlexander E. Malikhin
Open Access
The paper deals with the problem of how to develop information and communication competence of a foreign language teacher by creating an appropriate educational environment and active application of information technologies in the learning process. An analysis of publications on this problem shows that we can talk about preparing a future specialist in an environment based on information technologies, on the one hand, and further active use of the electronic learning environment for young professionals in their professional activities, on the other. A competency-based approach to professional and methodical teacher training can be applied, which can be defined as the ability of the teacher to solve typical professional tasks using information and communication technology tools or as professional ICT competence. The requirements imposed by modern society in terms of the professional competence of teachers are becoming higher. Educational institutions are called upon to actively implement innovative learning technologies which along with fundamental training ensure the development of future teacher’s information and communication competence.
ICT; information and communication competence; educational IT environment; competence-based approach; software; online service.