ARPHA Proceedings 1: 551-559, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0385
Monitoring Young Teachers’ Readiness to Innovation Activity in a Modern School
expand article infoIrina V. Kuzina, Valentina F. Mironycheva
Open Access
The relevance of monitoring the young teachers’ readiness to innovate is attributed to the requirements of modern school development. The transition to a new format of relations between the subjects of the educational process dictates a new teacher to be capable of the purposeful pedagogical activity, able to comprehend personal pedagogic experience through comparing, studying and analyzing domestic and foreign practices of training and education. The purpose of monitoring is aimed at identifying young teachers’ professional competences formation as the basis for achieving high results of the pedagogical activity, the development of the necessity of testing pedagogical innovations that affect the quality of education and teacher personality development. Current observation, test situations, explication and survey methods became the leading methods of monitoring the young teachers’ readiness to an innovative activity under the conditions of a modern school. Monitoring included express diagnosis which took place during the pedagogical practice at the graduation course, and final diagnosis (the beginning of independent professional activity as a teacher). The article presents the system of innovative activity monitoring at the stage of "professional pedagogical training – independent professional pedagogical activity". The system includes specially designed questions for an express diagnosis, aimed at identifying the creative abilities to create and develop new ideas in the field of education and the readiness to implement in practical forms, as well as specially selected and developed test situations aimed at identifying conscious professional development.
education monitoring; innovative pedagogical activity; young teacher; pedagogical activity; pedagogic practice; modern technologies