ARPHA Proceedings 1: 527-539, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0365
Preparation of Masters in the Russian Educational System in the Context of Modern Social Challenges
expand article infoIrina E. Kulikovskaya, Raisa M. Chumicheva
Open Access
The relevance of the issue under study lies in meeting global, national and regional challenges of modern time in the course of vocational preparation of Master’s degree students. The purpose of article is to define psychological and pedagogical conditions that have an impact on the process of teaching Masters of Education in the context of social challenges and the created portrait of a student of Southern Federal University as a consumer of educational services. As for these psychological and pedagogical conditions, we would like to refer to the concept of pedagogical education development approved at Southern Federal University; the strategy of preparing Masters in the direction "Pedagogical Education"; the stakeholder-focused model of Masters’ preparation. The devised psychological and pedagogical conditions were step by step discussed by the professional community of Southern Federal University and invited employers. Research findings define its practical importance: in the course of the conducted research, the authors have worked out, systemically described, put into practice and presented the results to the professional community for independent assessment at a conference, a round table and a pedagogical forum.
education, pedagogical education, global education, preparation of Masters, information technologies, digital environment, higher education, social challenges, educators, education stakeholders.