ARPHA Proceedings 1: 487-498, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0333
Development of Research Competence of Future Teachers in The Process of Their Professional Training
expand article infoNatalia D. Koletvinova, Seimbika U. Bichurina
Open Access
The research is important because of the complexity of the professional training of a creative-minded teacher based on the mastery of the professional research competence. This dictates the need to develop the research abilities of future teachers, whose successful activity implies a multifunctional research character. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the development of research qualities of students are based on a system of pedagogical actions of intellectual significance in the aspect of individual and personal characteristics. These actions are aimed at creating a scientific and creative educational space using the developed mechanisms for self-activation, self-design, self-determination, self-development and self-study. The purpose of the study is to develop a multifunctional theoretically grounded and practice-oriented paradigm for the development of students' professional research competence and its approbation. Methods used are theoretical (theoretical analysis of pedagogical, psychological, scientific and methodical literature on the research problem), empirical (analysis, comparison, synthesis, content selection, observation, survey), pedagogical experiment (stating, forming, control stages of the experiment), method of expert assessments, statistical processing of research results. Students with different levels of intellectual, knowledge and professional-oriented qualification study in academic groups of the first course. The multifunctional, structurally informative paradigm for the development of research competence of future teachers was designed.
research; competence; integration; interactivity; methodology.