ARPHA Proceedings 1: 475-485, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0326
Forming Readiness of Master’s Degree Students for Scientific and Research Activity
expand article infoR. R. Khairutdinov, F. G. Mukhametzyanova, A. V. Fakhrutdinova, O. L. Panchenko, V. A. Bogovarova
Open Access
The article presents issues of developing readiness for the scientific and research activity among master’s degree students. The problem of forming the personal agency of the student is connected with the issues of forming readiness of the student to research activities as the process and result. The problem of forming readiness of the master’s student to research activities is connected with a number of scientific approaches: personality oriented, synergetic, cultural, personality oriented, competency-based, person-centered (anthropological), and etc. The work presents a review of Russian and foreign literature on the problem of the research. The model of forming readiness of master’s degree students to research activities is presented. In the structure of readiness to research activities, we experimentally distinguished five groups of components: need and motivation-based, axiological, cognitive and perceptual, operational and technological, subject and personality ones. The conclusion is made concerning the necessity to development and appraisal of the model and pedagogical conditions of realization of the concept of forming readiness of master’s degree students to research activities.
scientific activity; research activity; master’s degree student; readiness.