ARPHA Proceedings 1: 453-463, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0307
Innovative Activity of Future Teachers as a Condition for Improving Students’ Motivation for Learning a Foreign Language
expand article infoM. T. Khadzhiev, B. Kh. Rakhimov
Open Access
The relevance of the problem: The professional activity of a modern teacher implies creativity and should be aimed at stimulating students’ interest in studying one or another subject. Innovative teaching techniques contribute to the generation of students’ interest. In light of this, engaging creative and talented educators who are ready to elaborate, apply and promote their teaching methods is a priority task for any contemporary educational institution. The purpose of the paper: This paper seeks to inform, to motivate and to explore the possibilities of making out-of-the-box teaching a reality. Research Methodology: The method employed for examining the issue under study is interviewing which enabled us to identify challenges that teachers face and specify practical classroom ideas. Results: The authors focus on the following issues: how to generate interest among students; how to make use of everyday objects to bring fun into the classroom; task-based teaching / activity centered teaching; problems that teachers and students face (ESL context); thematic teaching methods – across four skills. Practical Significance: The presented in the paper opinions of students and teachers allow identifying problems with students’ motivation for studying a foreign language, as well as their fears when mastering the language. The obtained data make it possible to timely select a particular teaching method according to the level of students’ interest and motivation.
teacher disposition; professional motivation; achievement motivation; teaching effectiveness.