ARPHA Proceedings 1: 429-442, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0291
Professional Standard of a Teacher in Extended Education: Goals and Implementation Issues
expand article infoRamilya Sh. Kasimova, Gulfiia G. Parfilova
Open Access
In the modern world, scientific and technological progress, the development of production and technology, as well as the changing labor market require the constant development of the professional skills and competences of an employee. Qualification directories, in turn, gradually become obsolete: neither they do not have any new professions at all nor their description does not correspond to reality. This is why it is needed to change the current system of qualifications by changing the system of professional standards. The need to develop and introduce professional standards was determined by Presidential Decree No. 597 of May 7, 2012 "On Measures to Implement State Social Policy." In accordance with this order, the professional standard is defined as a characteristic of a qualification necessary for the employee to perform a certain type of professional activity and is applied by: - employers when forming HR policy and management, in the organization of training and certification of employees, the development of job descriptions, work rats, the confement of tariff categories to employees and the establishment of wage systems, taking into account the specifics of work organization, labor and management; - educational organizations of professional education when developing professional educational programs; - in terms of developing federal state educational standards for vocational education according to established procedure. The implementation of a professional standard also affects the system of extended education. (Order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation of September 8, 2015 No. 613N "On the Approval of the Professional Standard" Teacher of Extended Education for Children and Adults, "an order of the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation V. Kaganov of April 29, 2016). The paper presents the results of a survey of teachers working in extended education in Kazan. The research objective is to study the teachers` opinion about implementing professional standard in their work, career growth and professional development with the help of our special questionnaire.
professional standard, extended education, teacher education, system of education.