ARPHA Proceedings 1: 369-380, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0234
The Qualification of Teachers in Bulgaria – Necessity or Obligation
expand article infoRumyana T. Gyoreva
Open Access
The report presents the main priorities of the ongoing training of pedagogical specialists in Bulgaria in terms of educational reforms. It traces the development of the main goals, the challenges and the opportunities for improving the competence of teachers. The report analyses the state educational standard status and professional development of teachers, directors and other pedagogical specialists in the system of preschool and school education. Paper presents a part of a study aimed at examining the state of the system of teacher training, opportunities for optimizing the qualification system, the degree of teachers’ motivation to participate in In-service training. More specifically, the object of the study is the satisfaction of the teachers of the programs and projects for training, their preferred organizational forms, motives for participation / non-participation in training, incentives that would attract young people to the teaching profession and others. The main research question in the study is „What are the factors that are most highly influence teachers to participate in training activities to enhance their competencies and personal and professional development?". Anonymous survey conducted among teachers from schools and kindergartens in Bulgaria (Pernik, Sofia region, Stara Zagora and Pazardzhik) is used as a research method. The main conclusions from the survey are: capabilities of different organizational forms to enhance personal and professional competencies of teachers are not used to the maximum extent; factors that motivate teachers to participate in training activities are useful training that challenge their creativity and innovation, and the achievement of their personal educational goals; forthcoming evaluation of teachers has a positive impact on the level of motivation for professional development; teachers are insufficiently involved in research and forums. In this context, they are made some recommendations for the use of all qualification forms that are included in the State educational standard for teachers' professional development (including participation in research and forums) and taking into account specific needs of teachers relevant and important topics, forms and methods of training.
teacher qualification, qualification standard, motivation, priorities for professional development.