ARPHA Proceedings 1: 305-322, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0188
Educational Process Organization of Bachelors in Physics of Pedagogical Course Using Interactive Learning Forms
expand article infoGuzel I. Garnaeva, Guzel Z. Khabibullina, Elvera D. Shigapova, Elmira I. Nizamova, Alfira M. Akhmedova
Open Access
The urgency of the problem specified in the article stems from the fact that within the scope of transition to Federal State Educational Standards of the third generation and to a new Unified Standard for Teachers, preparation of academically flexible teachers who will possess a certain scope of knowledge both in the subject area and in the allied sciences and well-versed in new achievements of various sciences, becomes a particularly important task. They should face professional problems and be able to independently develop and implement new active teaching methods and techniques in the educational process meeting the present-day needs of educational institutions. The purpose of the article is to study interactive forms application in the process of training of future physics teachers. Interactive teaching methods providing interaction not only between teachers and students, but also between students consist in giving opportunity to students of all-round education in the chosen field of study. The key methods of the research are theoretical analysis of pedagogical literature providing an overview of learning technologies’ development and interactive teaching methods survey as applied to bachelor’s students majoring in pedagogy. The core results of the research consist in describing the use of some interactive learning methods. They make it possible to organize practice-oriented educational process, assess students’ knowledge quality in the subject area, as well as evaluate the level of students’ basic professional competencies in accordance with the requirements of the Unified Standard for teachers.
interactive forms, bachelor’s programs, professional simulation, case study method, project activity, professional education.