ARPHA Proceedings 1: 235-245, doi: 10.3897/ap.1.e0140
Study of Functional Mechanism of Technological Teacher Training Update
expand article infoValerian F. Gabdulkhakov
Open Access
The problem of the study is in the fact that the organizational and pedagogical teacher training mechanisms at the universities do not always have a positive effect on the quality of the pedagogical education. The objective of the study was to develop a functional mechanism for technological teacher training update at the university. The methodology is based on the concept of key competence of Gary Hamel, associated with the development of management strategies based on a matrix of significant problems. A significant problem matrix was obtained, on the basis of which it was concluded that the functional mechanism for technological update is an organizational and pedagogical system that implements such functions as diagnostic monitoring, conceptualization, informatization and gamification, systematization and classification, forecasting and synergy, reflection, feedback, continuity. The significant problem matrix allowed to substantiate the relevance of using the certain technologies in the functional mechanism (system-target technology, structural and content technology, personalized technology, distributed technology, integrative technology, menter-technology, genius-technology, education gamification technology, innovative culture formation technology, foresight technology, pedagogical facilitation technology, noxological technology), criteria (personalized accentuation, cognitive accentuation, activity accentuation, employer’s satisfaction with training outcomes). The implementation of the functional mechanism at Kazan Federal University ensured the growth of the future teachers’ professional competence. The results obtained in the course of the study allowed to formulate the recommendations for the use of the functional mechanism for technological teacher training update at the universities.
functional mechanism, pedagogical education, technology, university, teacher training